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Casper de Vries

Communication & PR manager

While studying communication science, I did an internship for National Society For Rodent Professionals (NatSoRoPro) and never left.

Sometimes I’m a little frustrated, I see that social media offers many opportunities, but I don’t have the time to adapt it and furthermore my director doesn’t encourage me. So dutifully I make the newsletters, the quarterly magazine, minutes, and I try to connect with the serious press to draw more attention to the necessity to treat rodents as a specialty. General journalists find the topic to specific and specialized journalists prefer to speak directly with scientists / veterinarians and not with the marketing department of the association.

After all these years this work is sometimes quite a bit of a rut and secretly I apply occasionally to other jobs. I dream of more attention, to speak as a spokesman to the press, to see my message in print. I think this is easier in a popular company.

I see the world conference Rodentia 2015 as the possibility of a breakthrough in my profession: I will show you how much I can achieve.

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