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Victor van Wely

Executive director

Executive director of the National Society For Rodent Professionals (NatSoRoPro). I am a great animal lover and always wanted to become veterinarian. Unfortunately, I was just not smart enough to go to that specific college (physics / chemistry spoiled the fun).

Instead, I went to the university of applied sciences and later got my MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. I found out that I have a good talent for management, especially in situations where many problems have to be solved in a short time.

I am strict, but fair, and know how to bring people together and motivate them. I am a man with a good heart and have the ability to connect people.

Four years ago I was very happy to be appointed to this association. It was the first job after a year being unemployed and I got it almost by chance, since I was sitting next to Jacques Lodewyks, president of the NatSoRoPro on the plane (returning from an unsuccessful candidature in Berlin). Of course, we started talking, since I am always interested in other people.

After a year as a freelance interim manager, I was hired as executive director and I hope to work here until I retire. I have a strong passion for anything that has to do with rodents.

At the office, I have a guinea pig (who’s name is Napoleon Bonaparte a.k.a. Pooky) and at home I have two Degus (Chilean rodents) which I adore. Sometimes there are mice in the house (who steal food from the Degus) but I cannot kill them.

When I started working for the NatSoRoPro (in 2011), my first feat of arms was to bring the world conference Rodentia 2015 to the Netherlands, with a flashy presentation and a lot of goodwill.

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