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NatSoRoPro: National Society For Rodent Professionals

Yes, you’re right. This is indeed, the website of the National Society For Rodent Professionals (NatSoRoPro). Since 1995 NatSoRoPro unites everyone who is professionally involved in rodents, ranging from veterinarians to scientists and from caregivers to exterminators.

Victor Van Wely has no use for social media. But now the executive director of NatSoRoPro is facing the biggest challenge yet in his career: organizing the annual world conference Rodentia. Things are not looking well. They are far behind on registrations, their budget is depleted and the chairman of the board is losing his patience. Can social media indeed be his savior, as everybody always seems to claim?

In this exciting and entertaining ‘management novel’, Gerrit Heijkoop reveals the true power of social media. We join Victor and his team, going all in to turn the tide. They get practical tips and tricks about social media, experience the pitfalls and discover which fundamental principles lead to success.

Will these insights come in time for the NatSoRoPro? Are they able to save the conference? Why is Victor invited to a late night TV show? And what is the role of his guinea pig in all this?

VOORKANT EN slidedeckOverview of all available formats

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Overview of all available formats

What readers say about the book Trending Topic:

  • Jurgen de ridder2 And suddenly it was four o'clock in the morning. I had to go to sleep, but I'd rather read, because it was too exciting.  
    ~ Jurgen de Ridder, Senior Consultant
  • Joelle staps I am very critical ... but this book is very readable and has a good storyline. I found it remarkably recognizable and educational.
    ~ Joëlle Staps, Director Nevobo
  • Geraldine huybrechts It’s an intensive course of social media, whether you're advanced or a layman.
    ~ Geraldine Huybrechts, Event- & Project Manager
  • Mireille dop andeweg There is no stopping in reading this novel. It is very realistic and recognizable. There are many practical tips given without it turning boring or scholarly.
    ~ Mireille van den Dop, Convention Manager
  • Jeanette wagenaar After reading this book, I am much more positive about social media. I’m looking forward working with it again!
    ~ Jeanette Wagenaar, Bookstore Voorhoeve
  • mathijs vleeming At first I was skeptical about a management book as a novel, but soon I was grabbed by the story. Storytelling at its best!
    ~ Mathijs Vleeming, Communication Strategist

Interview about the book Trending Topic:

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